"Theaters of the American Revolution" booksigning with Jim Piecuch

New for Revolutionary War history enthusiasts! Jim Piecuch will discuss and sign his books, including the newly released Theaters of the American Revolution. Identifying discrete geographical areas in order to better understand a conflict that moves across hundreds of thousands of square miles of land and water, such as the American Civil War and World War II, has been a valuable historical method. During this time of greater study of the war that made America, the authors of Theaters of the American Revolution take this approach for the first time. The result is a stimulating volume that will allow readers to see how the war flowed from region to region from 1775 to 1781, beginning in the Northern colonies and Canada, through the dark months in the Middle colonies, to a shift to the South and culmination at Yorktown. Simultaneously, the war raged up and down the western frontier, with the Patriots working to keep the British and their Indian allies from disrupting the main battle armies to the east. Equally important was the war at sea, where American privateers and a fledgling navy attempted to harass the British; but with the entrance of France to the conflict, the control of the sea took a much more balanced — and important — aspect. With specially commissioned maps and colorful descriptions of eighteenth century American terrain, settlements, and cities, as well as key battles, Theaters of the American Revolution provides an ideal introduction to understanding one of the most important wars in world history in its totality.

Contents of Theaters of the American Revolution include: Introduction - James Kirby Martin and David L. Preston; The Northern Theater - James Kirby Martin; The Middle Theater - Edward G. Lengel and Mark Edward Lender; The Southern Theater - Jim Piecuch; The Western Theater - Mark Edward Lender; and The Naval Theater - Charles Neimeyer.

Jim Piecuch, a resident of Camden, is Professor of History at Kennesaw State University. He is the author of The Battle of Camden: A Documentary History; Three Peoples, One King: Loyalists, Indians, and Slaves in the Revolutionary South; and The Blood Be Upon Your Head: Tarleton and the Myth of Buford’s Massacre, and edited Cavalry in the American Revolution and General Nathanael Greene and the American Revolution in the South. Books will be available for purchase and autographing.

Event date: 

Saturday, April 29, 2017 - 2:00pm to 3:30pm

Event address: 

944 Broad Street
Camden, SC 02920