Staying Alive: The Varieties of Immortality (Paperback)

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Staying Alive explores the desire to live forever, which manifests itself in many forms and forums. Many throughout history have measured their self worth by the metric of how they will stay alive: one wants fame, another needs children. One wants to leave behind a personalized legacy, another wants to leave behind the world and enjoy the bliss of heaven. The author's self-expressed "aim has been, simply, to write a readable book that will afford the reader an increased sensitivity to the many ways the desire for immortality has shaped history, philosophy, art, and literature." The thought that this analysis of human longing and culture provokes transcends any one way of approaching these disciplines. It searches for, and connects, deeply personal pursuits with greater collective trends.

About the Author

Jason K. Swedene is an associate professor of philosophy and humanities at Lake Superior State University in Michigan. Swedene is also the director of the University's Honors Program. He has authored articles in ethics and a book entitled, A Philosophy of Moral Dilemmas: Why We Should Not Feel Guilty About Things We Have Done (Lewiston: Edwin Mellen Press, 2007).
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ISBN: 9780761847588
ISBN-10: 0761847588
Publisher: University Press of America
Publication Date: September 9th, 2009
Pages: 162
Language: English