Cumberland Gold (Paperback)

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Cumberland Gold-white sand, green water-what not to like about this island? Why are people attracted to some islands and not others? Wilder knew he was hooked like a speckled trout the first time he took his new twenty-four-foot Sea Pro boat into Christmas Creek located on Cumberland Island's north end. He had just passed a lighthouse on the high sand dunes and realized not many people even knew it existed on this Georgia Island. He had learned some history of the island, revealing it had been designated a national seashore to "preserve the scenic, scientific, and historical character of the island." He remembered the lesson Captain Bo Sam had taught him as to how Christmas Creek got its name. Indians who lived there centuries ago reported you always received gifts there-fish, oysters, clams, crabs-all while watching wild horses frolic down the beach. Wilder also learned about the gold hidden on the island, but finding it would become quite an adventure for him and a couple of friends. Let's all climb aboard his boat and begin to understand why the earth is three-fourths water and one-fourth land. Can you guess why?

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ISBN: 9781662420016
ISBN-10: 1662420013
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: March 11th, 2021
Pages: 110
Language: English