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"When your own weakness becomes the cause of others suffering, you become more cruel than any disease."

"Knowledge without application is like a light bulb without electricity, neither one will make the world any brighter."

"Wisdom is gained through experience.

Experience comes from taking chances.

Taking chances requires initiating action.

Initiating action takes independent thought.

Independent thought means questioning the norm.

Questioning the norm demands one stand on their own "

-Ralph Calabrese

In UNEDUCATED STRAIGHT WHITE MALE, Ralph Calabrese gets right to the heart of the issues facing present-day humanity. His no nonsense and practical approach to life allows him to discuss and challenge views from any side. Everything and everyone is a potential target for his analysis.

Coming from one of the most discussed and yet underrepresented demographics (uneducated, straight, white, males), he felt it was his responsibility to be a voice of reason, among all the noise that is currently out there.

This is a Blue Collar approach to Psychology, Philosophy, and Politics. Meaning, nothing being stated here is theoretical or simply based on someone else's work. All of his discoveries or theories originated from his own interactions with the world. Through this, he was able to identify the origins of certain behaviors and the impact they have on humanity.

At this point, Academia has already offered up it's thousands years of knowledge, and this is where we are. No academic is going to solve any of the issues facing Western civilization. It's time to look elsewhere for guidance and answers.

About the Author

Ralph Calabrese is an Uneducated, Straight, White, Male, who identifies as a Stay-At-Home Dad, Husband, Former Factory Worker, and Non-Combat Disabled Veteran.

He is the founder and creator of www.clearourconscience.com, The Theory of Perceived Authority, and Cryopeutic Meditation.

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ISBN: 9781737564928
ISBN-10: 1737564920
Publisher: Clear Our Conscience
Publication Date: October 11th, 2021
Pages: 206
Language: English