We're All Going On A SUMMER HOLIDAY (Paperback)

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"We're All Going On A SUMMER HOLIDAY" is the first line from Cliff Richard's no.1 single 'Summer Holiday' from his 1963 film of the same title. One year later Eileen went on her first foreign summer holiday and kept a diary; something she has done every trip since.

With the combination of her continued dedication to Cliff Richard and his music and her passion for travelling, "We're All Going On A SUMMER HOLIDAY" was an obvious choice for the title of her book. This is more than a record of her adventures seeing the world; it is the story of her life. From child-hood holidays; to meeting and falling in love with her husband in Spain; their honey-moon; the addition of each of her four children; and her life as a tennis official, which broadened her horizons.

Follow the exploits, mishaps, and the frequently hilarious escapades of the Edwards family as they circle the globe in search of new experiences. The people they've met, the sights they've seen, the wrong turnings leading to happy discoveries, and the adventures of her children; Eileen has lovingly recorded it all in a unique history of a family bitten by the travel bug.

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ISBN: 9781800319950
ISBN-10: 1800319959
Publisher: New Generation Publishing
Publication Date: March 9th, 2020
Pages: 664
Language: English