The Scholarship Resume: Simplify Your Application & Access Your Share of Billion$ (Paperback)

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The Scholarship R sum is for those who are or who have loved ones in middle school, high school, undergraduate or graduate-level college. Learn how to optimize your scholarship generating machine The cost of a college education continues to rise and student loan levels have well exceeded the $1 BILLION mark. There are SCHOLARSHIPS available for YOU

There are millions of scholarships worth billions of dollars available each year The Scholarship R sum provides you a straight-forward method to winning more. By following these techniques, Dr. Mitchell shows you how to:

  • focus your application efforts
  • speed the application process
  • simplify your submissions, and
  • organize your information.

One of the largest investments that families make is in higher education. Use the techniques in this book to win more scholarships by writing better essays, developing a deep and amazing pool of references, improving your academic performance, and leveraging a methodology that has helped students regardless of circumstance apply to multiple scholarships each night.

Even if you have not performed well academically, there are scholarships available for you, too Following the techniques taught in The Scholarship R sum , you will be able to maximize the number and value of scholarships you can win to cover your college expenses.

Dr. Mitchell has helped award millions of dollars of scholarships and advised thousands of students on how to realize their dream of a college education. Now in this book, many of those same techniques are provided for every parent and student to take advantage of. Exclusively in this book, Dr. Mitchell gives you his tips on how to avoid painful mistakes in the application and award receiving process.

Don't let funding keep you from gaining the benefits of a college education Money is available - learn how you can access your share.

About the Author

Dr. John W. Mitchell - Biography Always involved in education, Dr. John W. Mitchell is a thought leader on various aspects of advancing and resolving education issues. Advocating for solutions to, not just discussions about, today's challenges facing students in or desiring to be attending college. Related accomplishments / accolades: Former CEO of world's largest collegiate honor society, Awarded over $1 Million in scholarships in a single year, Doctorate of Higher Education Management (EdD), Pepperdine Business School Board of Directors, and has Helped 1,000s of students succeed in their college goals and in eliminating $100,000s from their college costs. Dr. Mitchell's academic credentials include a doctorate in higher education management from University of Georgia's Institute of Higher Education; a Master of Business Administration from Pepperdine University and a Bachelor of Science in electrical and computer engineering from Brigham Young University.
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