Unique Tiny Tables by artist Philip C. Hultgren

Tiny Tables in Black Walnut, Maple, and Cherry – the perfect spot for your coffee or tea!

"A tree is not all 'perfect' wood, nor is it all void and rot. It is my hope that one will see in my work the beautiful harmony that exists in the diversity of a tree. Perhaps then we can begin to recognize the benefits and beauty of our own diversity. All parts are not the same, but as in a tree, all the differences working together create a beautiful harmonious creation. I seek to unveil this beauty and balance in designs if simplicity and grace."

Principally self-taught, Philip C. Hultgren was born and raised in Manchester, CT. Though his grandfather was the first to introduce him to wood and its beauty, it was in St. Croix many years later that Hultgren began making art/furniture from the West Indian Mahogany that was made available in the wake of Hurricane Hugo. Currently, Hultgren is constructing unique builds such as circular stairs and decks to timber-framed barns using 8x8 beams connected by old-fasjioned mortise and tenon joints.